factom blockchain (FCT)

Factom Blockchain (FCT)

We are partnering with Factom blockchain to provide active solutions for compliance, identity, transparent assets, and securities.Factom is a system for securing millions of real-time records in the blockchain with a single hash. This gives you the tools to build applications with all of the security of the blockchain without the speed, cost, or size limitations.
Factom allows you to build applications on top of the Bitcoin blockchain. Factom uses a simple API that lets you build projects that were not possible before while still harnessing the trust and security of the Blockchain.

Factom is a solution to
  • Blockchain bloat.

  • Off chain transactions.

  • Use cases and project ideas for hashing data into the blockchain.

How Factom works?
  • Application Owner purchases Entry Credits with Factoid
  • Application records an Entry
  • Factom Servers create Entry Blocks and Directory Blocks
  • Factom secures an anchor (hash of the Directory Block) onto the blockchainCurrently we are running Factom nodes in our servers and researching on Factom to team up on further possibilities.