aviation spare part management

Aviation spare parts management

A blockchain POC implementation to connect Lenders with vendors (who require loan) in a transparent, quick and secure way.

Problem Statement
  • To identity the difficulties in spare parts management.

  • Research how blockchain can ease the process.

  • Develop a POC.

The existing process is complex
  • To track manufacturer and spare parts
  • Over and under production of spare parts by manufacturer in Aviation
  • Aviation has to keep track of manufacturer, who has capability to manufacture particular spare parts (CAP)
  • Every spare part has a specification document (spare part number, date, manufacturer, aircraft, old spare parts), which comes from every manufacturer to aviation. Aviation and manufacturer has to maintain a pile of information independently
  • Each time a request comes these documentations have to be referred upon
  • These spare parts are expensive, sometimes they are recovered from old aircrafts. Manufacturers who refurbish these recovered parts have to be tracked
  • Huge number of resources (computers, employees, servers, printers, file cabins) are deployed to maintain these specification documents both at the spare parts manufacturer and Aviation ends
  • When an immediate requirement of a spare part comes up, the best and fastest option is to order from an existing stock. Tracking which manufacturer may have them in stock consumes time
  • Besides a manufacturer does not know, if he is over or under producing a spare part to market needs
  • The risk to corruption of documents is high (loss of document, manipulation of data leading to fake spare parts)
  • This is due to individual players (aviation, parts manufacturer) storing information locally with them of one spare part which is in possession with aviation and manufacturer

This calls for a decentralised system where every players has a real-time access to all information of spare parts.